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iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック) #00207443

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お使いのAppleのiPhone、iPadまたはiPodのitouchのための楽しいノベルティおもちゃやガジェットをお探しですか? I-ヘリコプターの飛行制御装置にお使いのAppleデバイスの電源を入れます。お使いのAppleデバイスへの3チャンネル赤外線受信機でちょうどプラグは、すぐにアプリストアとそのチョックから無料I-ヘリコプターアプリをダウンロード!




I-ヘリコプター電池:3.7v 200mah充電式リチウムポリマーバッテリー


プレーヤーレベル 初心者,
機能 トレーナー,
適用 屋内飛行,
チャンネル 3チャネル,
遠隔距離(m) 10,
ヘリコプターバッテリー Ni-MH電池,
リモートコントローラバッテリ その他,
飛行時間(分) 8,
ヘリコプターの充電時間(分) 33,
飛行範囲(m) 8,
本体素材 ABS,
電源アダプタのオプション USBパワード,
特徴 iPad、iPod touch、とiPhoneに適用します。, ジャイロスコープ技術を備え、安定 性を向上させます。,
警告 ご注意:3歳未満の子供が小さいパーツを不意に食べてしまう可能性がありますので、それを子供の手が届かない所に置いてください。,
セット内容 1×コネクトバックルセット, 1× USB充電ケーブル, 1×テールプロペラ, 1×ブレードセット, 1×トランスミッタ, 1×ヘリコプター,


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  • By Inga
  • 購入者
  • 07 / 01 / 2012
Review about iHelicopter 777-172

Let me start by thanking the Customer Service of this company. You guys are great! Every question was answered, all the needed support was provided and everything was done in a timely manner. Thank you.

About the iHelicopter:

First of all - I did not expect it to be this great! Packaging is of the highest quality, nothing missing, everything was packed very neatly and professionally.

iHelicopter is small, but, let me say - Oh My God, what a beauty! The rotor blades are loose, but do not be scared when you see that. There is a good reason behind it. When you will start playing with the toy - you WILL hit the walls, your TV, chairs, tables and everything else that is around you. The loose rotor blades will fold upon contact with obstacles, thus will not break.

I highly recommend this product to anyone I know. My husband, being in the business of electronics, already contacted this company about a large supply of these products, as they are HOT to have and will sell without any doubt.

iHelicopter's shell is made of metal, which is lightweight, but very durable. The charging time of the transponder unit is about 30 minutes, the iHelicopter unit - about the same. Charging is done through your computer's USB port (not sure about using the iPhone/iPad/iPod charger USB port), so be patient.

The unit will come uncharged and although you will get the urge to start flying it again - gather some patience and charge both the transponder and iHelicopter before use.

Cons - cannot name any. Maybe the size? Although if it would be bigger - it might lose it's appeal and cuteness.

Thank you once again.
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック)
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  • By Sam F.
  • 購入者
  • 16 / 11 / 2011
Neat little Heli.
Great for indoor use, plenty of power!
Also has great control and very durable - Buy one today and have some fun!
5 star item *****...
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック) iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック)
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  • By PhysicsTeacher
  • 購入者
  • 15 / 11 / 2011
I bought this helicopter to demonstrate the effects of forces to my students. Seeing that it was really cheap compared to other models out there further encouraged me to purchase it. ALSO: it isn't just controlled by a conventional remote which would make me look like a conventional teacher!

My friends and students were amazed to see a helicopter being controlled by my iPhone, using the gyroscope functions (e.g. tilt the phone forward to make the helicopter go front). You won't regret this purchase - thought it was a gimmick of sorts initially, but it really does work!
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック) iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック)
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  • By Bruno
  • 購入者
  • 28 / 09 / 2012
Heel licht toestel dat enkel binnen tot zijn recht komt. De wind buiten speelt een grote rol. Makkelijk te besturen en redelijk schokbestendig. Tof in het donker door de led verlichting
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック)
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  • By Ramon Ovídio
  • 購入者
  • 11 / 09 / 2012
perfeito o brinquedo,chegou antes do prazo,mesmo ele sendo muito pequeno,é muito fácil de controlar...aprovado
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch用 ジャイロ搭載 ラジコン i-ヘリコプター(ブラック)
  • Bom dia

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    Mini in the box
    By Marcelo@MITB 12 / 09 / 2012
  • não gostei desse brinquedo
    By thiagofrizzera 08 / 06 / 2013
  • Me responde pf.... vc pagou taxa de importação ? apartir de quantos paga importação....?
    By bl282828 18 / 08 / 2013
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