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MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM #00104664

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배송준비 기간: 제품을 선택하시면 제작 소요 시간이 계산되어 질것입니다.
배송 시간: 빠른 배송 3-4 영업일 기준

상품 정보

특별한 특징

이 항목은 결코 만족하지 않지 않을 것이다 : Multifunctions (무선 이어폰 + 무선 순수한 잡담 공구 + FM 라디오 + 유선 이어폰 + 무선 모니터), 높은 감도, 방해 저항, 강한 신호, 걸출한 성과, 유효 범위, 및 벽의 장애 저쪽에 응접.

특징 :
* 전체 채널 TV 사운드, PC, 게임 선수, DVD 플레이어, VCD 플레이어, 오디오 장치, MP3 플레이어, 그리고 CD 플레이어에 적합합니다.
* 전체 채널 TV 사운드
* 무선 순수한 잡담도
* FM 라디오 :
* 유선 이어폰 :
* 무선 모니터

사양 :
수신기 :
* 주파수 영역 : 86-108MHZ
* 수신 모드 : FM
* 왜곡 : 2 %
* 전력 공급 : 2 * AAA 건전지 (포함되지 않음)
* 색상 : 블랙
* 순중량 : 170g
이미 터 :
* 방출 주파수 : 840.5mhz
* 조음 형태 : FM
* 방출 거리 : 30m (추정없이)
텔레비젼 세트 오디오 장치, DVD / VCD 플레이어, 멀티미디어 PC 등 밖으로 오디오 소켓을 가진 어떤 오디오와 시각적 인 장비에서 * 수신
* 전력 공급 : 2 * AAA 건전지 또는 4.5 DC (포함되지 않은 배터리 및 전원 케이블)
* 색상 : 블랙
* 순중량 : 135g
* 3 달
* 포장은 크기를 나타낸다 : 21520787mm

패키지를 포함 :
1 * 새로운 무선 헤드폰
1 * FM 전송기 (대)
1 * 오디오 케이블
1 * 사용자 설명서

세부 정보

일반 특징
모델 MH1001,
종류 해드폰 (헤드밴드),
일반적 사용 컴퓨터,
기능 FM 라디오, 마이크 포함,
대화 무선 2.4GHz,
커넥터 3.5mm,
재질 플라스틱,
색상 블랙,
치수(cm) 21x16x8,
중량(kg) 0.411,
무선 특징
작동 범위 Up to 10 Meters,
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구매 고객님 사진
최근 리뷰
  • 분류 denise
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 13 / 06 / 2012
very nice! work well!i reaally enjoyed. its very comfortable
MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM
  • How long have you waited for delivery?
    분류 fabianofventura 13 / 03 / 2013
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  • 분류 jelenam239
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 27 / 08 / 2014
All is great! Everything is what I expected.
MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM
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  • 분류 Mr S.A.Mills
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 21 / 10 / 2011
An excellent product and very well made it is just what we wanted. It is for the wife to hear the TV without having the volume turned up loud. It works perfectly without having a wire across the floor. It has definatly changed my life as well I dont have to sit here and have the TV barking at me anymore. I would give this wire free headphone a five star rating. The price is in my opinion is excellent for the quality of the headphones.
MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM
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  • 분류 Petar
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 13 / 07 / 2011
Thank you, very good product. My youngest daughter has complete freedom to listen to music and dancing. And we watch our favorite programs in peace.
MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM
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  • 분류 Kwadwo
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 09 / 10 / 2012
1. Shipping :

The item arrived in 16 business days with free shipping from Hong Kong which I think was really great. Normally when I order an item from China using ebay, it takes about 40 -50 days to arrive here in Hungary so this was a stellar distinction! Packaging was ergonomic, protected and well sealed. Simply put, the shipping was superb.

2. Sound Quality and Acoustics:

Just as in the description, these are Wireless headphones with 5 different functions which so far work just fine. I must be honest though, don't expect remarkable sound from these at all when transmitting your audio wirelessly (actually by radio). The bass is very mediocre and if you've sampled lots of eaphones or headphones before, these ones will disappoint you in terms of sound quality. The highs are quite fair though just like in radio but the mid frequencies are relatively lacking. Quite often, there is evidence of white noise behind the audio when trasmitted wirelessly and the more the interferences or distance from the source transmitter (which maxes out at 30 m), the more the white noise.

Also these are not noise cancelling or isolating headphones. The sound leaks quite noticeably, meaning that others can still hear you when listening to audio. The Volume is also very limited to how loud it can get especially when transmitting audio wirelessly but that may be because I have used many non-wireless earphones before and i'm used to hearing much much louder and clearer sounds. There's a bright side though. When you connect the Headpones to the audio source directly using the cable and adjust the headpones appropriately on your ears, the sound is much much better with no white noise with much clearer and cleaner delivery. its still not exciting though but it is noticeably better than the quality when transmitting by radio.

3. Functionality and Ergonomics :

All 5 features in the description work great. Keep in mind that the product does no come with a power outlet for the transmitter so you might have to purchase AAA batteries for both the transmitter and headphones. The Microphone works awesome and is probably the best feature for me in terms of quality though it had no influence on why i bought this in the first place. The headphones are very comfortable for use for long hours with its soft earpads but look very big and awkward on (at least) my head. Despite the radio capability, i doubt this is something you would want to take out of the home unless you want the fashion police behind you. The cable between the transmitter and audio source is quite short which may not allow for proper positioning. This is also the same for the dircet cable between headphone and audio output source. The radio feature is pretty cool though and scanning for channels and changing volume as well as modes are very user intuitive.

I hope this gives you are fair idea of the product. It is not as bad as the review may make it seem but it is definitely not a product i would buy twice.
MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM MP3 / PC / TV 용 마이크 FM 라디오 1 무선에 이어 5 위에 mh2001 헤드폰 3.5MM
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