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Brand Introduction

Created in the 21st century, BLONDE UNICORN is mainly sold as a wig, popular in Europe and the United States and suitable for women of all ages.BLONDE symbolizes the blonde praise of European and American women, people's demand for beauty.Thus set up to BLONDE UNICORN as a brand, in the United States to create eternal legend in the field. From the customer to wear to change the shape, created in the process is perfect.BLONDE UNICORN wig products, from the interior mesh hat according to Europe and the United States climate, through research and development design, the use of geometric graphics, to achieve comfort, breathable, natural hair show.Then the use of pure hand-made changes to achieve the appearance of wearing a solid and convenient effect.Hair using imported fine hair, which makes their products in Europe and the United States can be a solid best-selling, hair raw materials have been professional selection, weighing, pooling.R & D design, by the hand-workers from the wizard's straight hair, elegant hair and curly hair, as well as some custom styling.In the top of the short hair, imitation hand-woven wigs, do split seam down process, with the lowest price to enjoy the effect of all mono.Long hair made according to the natural human hair, to breathable, comfortable, with a very low price as wearing a wig as mono.After the final car to complete the production.Their pursuit of beauty is not only the diversity of ingenuity, but also the great effort they make in their efforts and meticulous workmanship in products and the quality of Seiko produced by BLONDE UNICORN. Chaplin once said --- time is a great writer, it will give everyone a perfect ending.Then BLONDE UNICORN ingenuity of the craft quality, will become the trend of leading fashion wigs. Will be highlighted in Europe and the United States brand, sail show.


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