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Η πλακέτα φόρτισης φορτιστή τράπεζας τροφοδοσίας 5v 2a αυξάνει την τροφοδοσία ισχύος 2a #8017739
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Η πλακέτα φόρτισης φορτιστή τράπεζας τροφοδοσίας 5v 2a αυξάνει την τροφοδοσία ισχύος 2a
$ 5.24
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Άλλο Υλικό,
Συμβούλιο Ανάπτυξης, Τροφοδοσία,
Τύπος φις:
Ποσότητα (pcs):
Pentru Raspberry Pi,
Εισαγωγή Ημερομηνία:


1 piece.
5V 2A Power Bank Charger Module Charging Circuit Board.
1.Input Parameter: 5v/1A.
2.Input Interface: V8 interface micro USB.
3.Output Parameter: double USB output: 5v/2A.
4.Conversion Rate: 90% average.
5. DImensions: 2.6x6.9 cm.
Battery parallel requirements between 3.2-4.2V can work properly, the maximum can not exceed 200,000 mA.
Design Features
Power has designs of overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit protection, does not need to worry about the time of charging.
Intelligent Output. When equipment is fully charged, it will stop charging automatically to prevent from overcharging.
Power has multiple safe designs. Output voltage and current is stable, never to damage user's device.
Operating temperature range is wide (-20 Celcius to 50 Celcius), can provide over temperature protection.
Function Feature: with a hightlight LED lamp (long press or double click power key can start).
Electricity Quantity Display: 4 class LED light display electricity quantity, non-operating state will be intelligently off.
Charging Display: when charging 0-25% one light is on,other lightis off; 25%--50%, the second light flashes,the first light is continously on; 50%-- 75%, the third light flashes,front two lights are continuously on; 75%---100%;the fourth light flashes, front three lights are continuouly on. Four lights are on charging to 100%.
Mainboard Protection Function: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection. Power does not need protection board. If you have it, please unload.

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