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Brand Introduction

laanc brand is committed to creating high-end women's jewelry set, located in the 20-50 years old, mainly in the world white-collar workers, fashion aristocracy, African traditional wedding accessories, luxury style, elegant and elegant. laanc brand name originated in the Luxembourg language, traditionally the country's main nation only one --- Luxembourg family, the nation's blood and France is similar, but the history of long-term is German. Name of the performance of the elegant goddess jewelry, designer The use of a simple shape of the diamond with a thin line of expression techniques, coupled with a dynamic sense of the text highlights the noble and soft women. Brand founder luosong, has been committed to women's private custom jewelry business and high-end market quality assurance. In order to complete a perfect hand-woven jewelery, he even asked the workers not to apply any protective oil in his hands to avoid the smell of the jewelry, affecting the customer's purchase experience. laanc brand on behalf of Mr. luosong for their dreams, product quality, caring women and excellence team concept, 2006 began to get involved in the jewelry processing industry, specializing in the production of crystal, coral and other categories of jewelry. Mr. Luosong that "laanc" can not only express the concept of high-end private custom business for women, but also can express the quality of the jewelry demanding German character. Mr. Luosong took the company name Hebei Song Wei Trading Company, and the trademark as "laanc" In the future enterprise development management, "laanc" not only as a jewelry brand in the major shopping malls, but also opened up the other platform sales, service channels, all just for the customer more comfortable to enjoy the shopping experience! Company "quality of survival" business principles, and hope that more partners and customers common progress and common development.


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