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Brand Introduction

WoWEbony was created in an effort to take on a different approach when offering premium hair enhancement options for women of color. We utilize handcrafted materials of various hues that will be complementary to various shades of skin. The “WoW” in WoWEbony conveys the excitement we feel when we think of the incomparable beauty of women of color. We celebrate the allure and unshakable confidence they display so effortlessly. Women are happiest when they feel the most beautiful and our products are accessories in creating that overall stunning look. The WoWEbony customer makes her own choices in an unapologetic and empowered way. She isn’t afraid to try new things and switch up her look when the mood hits her. Whether she wants to elevate her look with a kinky, curly, wavy, or straight texture, she owns it like only she can. We make it easy for you to embrace new looks and a new attitude as we provide a huge and affordable selection of hundreds of high quality options to choose from. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service before, during and after the sale and provide fully customized options for all orders. Our premium products assist with transforming and enhancing your look while preserving the integrity and health of your natural hair. Our goal is happy, satisfied customers who appreciate the value they receive in competitively priced hair products from a company that guarantees top quality, long-lasting lace wigs, hair extensions and closures. We stand behind our products and go the extra mile with excellent return, exchange, and repair services.


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