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hc-06 노예 블루투스 모듈 무선 직렬 통신 hc-06 백플레인 hc 06 블루투스 모듈 #7181479
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hc-06 노예 블루투스 모듈 무선 직렬 통신 hc-06 백플레인 hc 06 블루투스 모듈
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Product Features: 1. The core module uses the HC-06 slave module. The lead-out interface includes VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, and the reserved LED status output pin. The MCU can judge whether the Bluetooth is connected through the status of the pin, and the KEY pin is invalid for the slave. 2, led indicates the Bluetooth connection status, flashing indicates no Bluetooth connection, steady light indicates that Bluetooth is connected and the port is open 3, the bottom plate 3.3V LDO, the input voltage is 3.6~6V, the current is about 30mA when not paired, about 10mA after pairing, the input voltage is prohibited to exceed 7V 4, the interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected to a variety of microcontroller 51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc., 5V microcontroller can also be directly connected, without MAX232 nor through MAX232 5, the effective distance of the open space is 10 meters, more than 10 meters is also possible, but the quality of the connection is not guaranteed. 6. After pairing, when using the full-duplex serial port, there is no need to know any Bluetooth protocol, but only support 8-bit data bit, 1-bit stop bit, and no parity communication format. This is also a common communication format, and does not support other formats. . 7. When the Bluetooth connection is not established, the baud rate, name, and pairing password can be set by the AT command, and the set parameters are saved after power-off. Automatically switch to transparent mode after Bluetooth connection 8, small size 3.57cm * 1.52cm and set of transparent heat-shrinkable tube, dust-proof and beautiful, and has a certain anti-static ability. 9. The link is a slave. The slave can be paired with various Bluetooth-enabled computers, Bluetooth hosts, most Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones, PDAs, PSPs, and other smart terminals.

Little common sense is very important: TXD: The sender is generally represented as its own sender. Normal communication must be connected to the RXD of another device. RXD: The receiving end is generally represented as its own receiving end, and normal communication must be connected to the TXD of another device. In normal communication, the TXD of its own is always connected to the RXD of the device! Self-receiving: RXD is connected to the TXD of other devices during normal communication. Therefore, if you want to receive the data sent by yourself as the name implies, that is, you receive the data sent by yourself, that is, its own TXD is directly connected to RXD, which is used to test its own transmission and reception. Whether it is normal or not is a simple test method. When a problem occurs, the test is first performed to determine whether the product is faulty. Also known as loopback testing.

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